It's time to set the agenda.

At NexusEngage, we recognise the importance of shopping as an experience rather than just being a series of transactions. Our vision is to design, create and deliver technology that immerses consumers, using an unsurpassed creative execution and driving a visible sales uplift for participating brands and retailers.



The NexusONE transforms a consumer’s visit to a shopping centre, through its disruptive, engaging and unique offering. Commercial landlords, brand managers and retailers can effortlessly engage and reward shoppers using technology that has been designed and shaped by masters in the art of consumer engagement; NexusEngage.

With the NexusONE, our goal is to make all of your consumer engagement goals achievable. This product has been shaped by and for every commercial landlord, shopping centre and retail space; nexus is now.

This is consumer engagement, unboxed:

Instant reward

Immediately reward your visitors with a token, discount voucher or offer

Real time analytics

Collect demographic analytics for your insight and future planning

Easy to deploy

An easy to deploy solution, that is a natural fit in your shopping location, every time

Lead traffic

Drive footfall to retailers through rewards and gameplay

Customisable design

A balanced design with vibrant colours that leads a path to the technology embedded

Pick and play

"Pick and play" digital games that are simple to change and can be tuned to your objective(s)

Dazzle your visitors and reward their interest:

1. Buy or lease the NexusONE
2. Plan your campaign with a specific consumer objective(s): reward consumers, collect data, encourage visitors to an underused area of your retail environment…
3. Install the NexusONE either on a wall, free standing structure or custom-made enclosure
4. Amaze all players
5. Link to your own app or social media for a fully integrated consumer experience

In the last 12 months we have generated more than 20 million interactions across our bespoke activations, with the NexusONE we have put all that great tech and all those learnings into a simplified but equally engaging unit that can go literally anywhere!
Whatever you need, marketing campaigns, retailer promotions to drive footfall, or rental to charities and brands for short term delivery and sign-up of new customers, we think the NexusONE does it for you.
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Simon Ellson

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